Definition of toe-out in English:



mass noun
  • A slight forward divergence of a pair of wheels so that they are closer together behind than in front.

    • ‘The second and more important reason for using toe-out is when the car goes around a corner, as the inside and outside wheels will be travelling in different size arcs.’
    • ‘So it's clear that toe-out encourages the initiation of a turn, while toe-in discourages it.’
    • ‘To set the correct toe-out, the track rod has to be removed and shortened or lengthened.’
    • ‘Wheel alignment specifications will usually provide the measurements for toe-out on turns.’
    • ‘This is the only car on the market today that comes from the factory with toe-out.’
    • ‘The position of the steering gear was lowered and the linkage was shortened to give good linear toe-control and minimal toe-out, improving stability.’
    • ‘However, if the proper amount of toe-out exists, then the inside tire will generate a larger drag force.’
    • ‘For example, steer axle toe-out will cause excessive wear on the inside of both tires while toe-in will cause wear on the outside shoulders of the tires.’
    • ‘If there is too much toe-out, though this will cause drag, as the tyres will be scrubbing sideways as the car moves forward.’
    • ‘In heavier cars a bit of rear toe-out can induce a bit more oversteer to help the car rotate.’