Definition of toe-curling in English:



  • Very embarrassing or excessively sentimental.

    ‘a toe-curling ballad’
    • ‘As an exercise in cheerleading it was a toe-curling disaster.’
    • ‘But in the end the film is sunk by toe-curling dialogue and transparently awkward emoting.’
    • ‘Another toe-curling fact is that while it costs on average £3.5m to make a solo British movie, they typically take in less than £1m at the box office.’
    • ‘The self-satisfaction and smugness of the text is toe-curling and its frequent sickening doses of sentimentality are like being forced-fed chopped liver with chicken fat.’
    • ‘It was only a couple of minutes after his toe-curling DJ'ing started that I gave up and turned over.’
    • ‘It's a toe-curling moment in a frequently stupid film.’
    • ‘I would love to avoid the toe-curling surprise presentation of a leaving card.’
    • ‘It may not be the dirtiest election in history, but it will almost certainly be the most toe-curling.’
    • ‘Halligan's efforts at cheeky humour were toe-curling.’
    • ‘When we catch up on the phone it's to discuss her latest short-lived conquest, the details of which are usually colourful, sometimes toe-curling and always entertaining.’
    • ‘The second, though not quite matching the first's coruscating brilliance, was still peppered with hysterical moments and the usual quota of toe-curling tomfoolery.’
    • ‘This show is really just an excuse to rehash some old jokes, routines and toe-curling audience singalongs within a theatrical format.’
    • ‘We miss its toe-curling political incorrectness, its shabby vulgarity, its embarrassed actors, and its toilet-roll scripts.’
    • ‘The blissful expression on the instructors face was toe-curling.’
    • ‘Each of the six separate playlets showcased a man-woman relationship, pinpointing toe-curling aspects of British life across the spectrum and behind the net curtains.’
    • ‘The toe-curling sex scenes alone, which only the Spanish seem able to deliver, make the rental fee a small price to pay.’
    • ‘This is an approximation, the original was even more toe-curling, if you can believe it.’
    • ‘He lacks any backbone, as becomes apparent during the toe-curling dinner party that forms the play.’
    • ‘The slipshod nature of so much of Kilmarnock's efforts throughout the afternoon was toe-curling.’
    • ‘Where can you meet the sanctimonious priest who knows more than he's letting on, the drunken father making a toe-curling speech at his daughter's wedding, or the schoolboy with unspeakable personal habits?’
    banal, trite, hackneyed, commonplace, clichéd, predictable, stereotyped, platitudinous, inane, fatuous, vapid, jejune, weak, feeble, tired, stale, overworked, overused, well worn
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