Definition of toddy cat in English:

toddy cat


  • The common palm civet of Asia, which is noted for its habit of stealing toddy from the bamboo tubes placed to collect it from palm trunks.

    • ‘There have been Mangaloreans who have had monkeys, toddy cats, rabbits and white mice for pets.’
    • ‘Mangalore still has green pockets that are home to toddy cats, porcupine and even the occasional leopard.’
    • ‘It all comes down to a marsupial called by several names - luwak, common palm civet and toddy cat or Paradoxurus hermaphroditus - which exists in rainforests from northern India to the Philippines.’
    • ‘Other forms of biodiversity may need more natural landscapes to survive but can still withstand intensive disturbances (wild pigs, toddy cats).’
    • ‘The leopard cat, jungle cat, civets and toddy cats are the cats found commonly.’