Definition of tobacco pipe in English:

tobacco pipe


  • another term for pipe (sense 2 of the noun)
    • ‘He explores it, with both gun and tobacco pipe in hand, just like Crusoe.’
    • ‘It was a Copper and Brass contraption, similar in shape to a tobacco pipe, only about four times the size.’
    • ‘He leaned back, reached up into the air and a tobacco pipe appeared at his fingertips.’
    • ‘The ceramic was also used for inkwells, match holders, flowerpots, and tobacco pipes.’
    • ‘Clay tobacco pipes are particularly useful to archaeologists.’
    • ‘I was lighting up a pipe - a tobacco pipe, of course - and my wife was smoking, and when the baby would come around, we'd kind of hide 'em behind our backs and say, ‘We're sorry, we're sorry.’’
    • ‘The era when hard-living whalers filled Hawaiian ports, for example, surely a story that cries out for imaginative, audience-involving depiction, is reduced to a few tobacco pipes, some carved whale teeth and a rusted harpoon gun.’
    • ‘The Spellman house was a céili house for the locality and at night time the local men (why never the women I now ask myself) gathered in the kitchen swopping stories, local news and jollity and smoking tobacco pipes.’
    • ‘After quitting that endeavor in 1805, he undertook the production of white clay tobacco pipes and attempted to make what he called ‘delf’ tableware.’
    • ‘They grease their bodies and head with bearfat and hang broken tobacco pipes in their ears.’
    • ‘Filled with charcoal, tobacco pipes, wine bottle fragments, and a broken colono ware pot, it may be also evidence of social activity, rather than simply refuse disposal.’
    • ‘As he dialed the number on his cell-phone and waited for the said Midge to answer, one of the firemen whispered to the others, ‘I thought Midge specialized in tobacco pipes…‘’
    • ‘Before the cottages were built, there was a pub called The Angel there during Tudor times and diggers have found some parts of broken clay tobacco pipes, used by drinkers to puff away as they downed their ale.’
    • ‘They offer, as Sage writes, ‘the awful knowledge that when they're not breaking the commandments, the anti-heroes are mending their tobacco pipes and listening to the wireless.’’
    • ‘They include armour, weapons and artillery fragments, as well as household objects like tobacco pipes and leather shoes.’
    • ‘He also has a prized collection of 12 tobacco pipes to offset the tennis!’
    • ‘I've never seen so many pipes in a game before… crack pipes, tobacco pipes, weed pipe, peace pipes and on and on…’
    • ‘Someone dealing with the changing distribution of Ice Age sites is likely to use a different approach from someone studying the clay tobacco pipes of a few centuries ago.’
    • ‘The two figurines are made of the same white-firing clay used to make tobacco pipes, and such figures are known to have been a secondary product of artisans working in the many pipe-making centers in England and the Netherlands.’
    • ‘It originally hails from America where Native Americans used its hollowed-out stems as tobacco pipes and tubes.’