Definition of toasty in English:



  • 1Of or resembling toast.

    ‘the topping is deliciously toasty’
    • ‘Some people spend time in the sun and end up toasty brown.’
    • ‘The other day I was talking about the mysterious toasty bread stuff that was served up to you at the start of every time you went to Sizzler.’
    • ‘I finally panicked one more time as I was sprinkling the caramelized, toasty brown, cooling almonds with sugar and I accidentally dumped more on than I intended.’
    • ‘This seals in the filling and gives the burrito a nice toasty crunch.’
    • ‘It envelopes all within its toasty flaky crust.’
    1. 1.1informal Comfortably warm.
      ‘a roaring fire may make a home seem toasty’
      • ‘A supple and accessible wine, the wash is a heady confection of clean lemon, floral honey and warm toasty tones, while the finish is complex and evolving.’
      • ‘A winter chill prevailed outside, but with a comfy seat and a toasty heater in the carriage, I was all but sawing logs in the next few minutes.’
      • ‘Although she was toasty and warm under blankets and cotton sheets, she was still shivering fairly violently.’
      • ‘He finally entered the warm, toasty kitchen through the servants' entrance.’
      • ‘Nothing beats the toasty comfort of a flickering blaze in the hearth while Old Man Winter rages just beyond the walls.’
      • ‘That will expose a population of influential businesspeople and community leaders to your work, and potential clients involved in those causes will feel all warm and toasty about you when they need video services of their own.’
      • ‘Her students will make use of the project's three on-site yurts - circular Mongolian-style tents which house a large propagator and a cosy classroom kept toasty with a wood-burning stove.’
      • ‘Your fingertips can freeze in no time, and the only way to keep your hands toasty is to buy warm gloves.’
      • ‘Second, he gave the propane company a check on this account that will keep you warm and toasty for at least ten years.’
      • ‘I was all nice and toasty in a warm and fluffy bed, surrounded by half a dozen blankets and a plump pillow.’
      • ‘Keeping in mind these tips to reduce your heating bill while keeping your home's air clean will ensure that this winter you'll be warm and toasty - not left out in the cold.’
      • ‘The cabin's front porch contained a liberal supply of firewood for our heating needs, the only thing standing between us and being comfortably toasty was converting the wood to heat energy.’
      • ‘Childhood memories, of toasty firesides, warm bedtime drinks and even playing in the snow are all very quaint and charming but I can do without chilblains, in memory or in reality.’
      • ‘You can warm up towels by putting them in a dryer for a few minutes so they are nice and warm and toasty!’
      • ‘They were little tin-foil squares that you snapped in half like a glow-stick, and they'd get all warm and toasty.’
      • ‘Like us, most of their innovations worked, but they also learned some lessons - their building is warm and toasty in winter and cool in summer, but one of their composting toilets never worked.’
      • ‘Although I am still warm and toasty within the confines of my sleeping bag, I am very aware of the fact that I will soon have to expose my partially naked body to the cold, stale air of the tent.’
      • ‘But but but - on the up side, every room in our house will be toasty and warm this winter.’
      • ‘Both systems offer a programmable thermostat so your floor will be warm and toasty by the time you get up.’
      • ‘She stared up at him with livid eyes, ‘No, I'm warm and toasty.’’
      hot, warming
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