Definition of toastie in English:



  • A toasted sandwich or snack.

    • ‘Yes, the joys of the cheese toastie were being savoured by our civic leaders thanks to the invention of a dinky device by a forward-looking silversmith.’
    • ‘They borrowed a garage, developed a sound, then spent a few years living on cheese toasties until finally approached by an A&R man with a dodgy contract.’
    • ‘I'll probably end up living on cheese toasties!’
    • ‘I nodded in agreement, my mouth full of toasties.’
    • ‘Besides, sandwiches, toasties, jacket potatoes and light bites, hot dishes were available but were mainly outside our budget as was the roast of the day.’
    • ‘The barmaid was preparing three toasties for him.’
    • ‘What we know as the cheese toastie has rather more exotic equivalents all over the Middle East.’
    • ‘Sandwiches, toasties, jacket potatoes, home-made lasagne were there for the asking.’
    • ‘If you start to get hungry, food options are limited to toasties or bar snacks - a missed opportunity since the area suffers from a dearth of places that serve good pub grub.’
    • ‘With today's vending machines offering an ever wider range of products from fresh pizzas and toasties to women's tights, major companies are fast awakening to the commercial possibilities of vending machines.’
    • ‘But there were many less exotic offerings such as omelette, cheese toasties and muffin or crumpet with either tea or coffee.’
    • ‘Before every match he had to eat three bacon toasties, and as he ran out onto the pitch he would have to launch the ball high into the air just before his feet first touched the grass.’
    • ‘I don't remember leaving, or going to the 24 hr shop on the way home, or making cheese and ham toasties in the flat but I'm sure I enjoyed that too.’
    • ‘I had heard from friends that over the past eight years the restaurant had gradually shed its pub grub stylings, dropping tuna toasties in favour of keta caviar - and had recently won plaudits under the guidance of new chef Craig Millar.’
    • ‘Now get me a jam toastie and frappuccino - before I throw YOU in the bin!’
    • ‘This was an attempt to replace all those nutrients I suspect I have not been getting from raro and cheese toasties, after the discovery scurvy was not just for sailors.’
    • ‘Ham and cheese toasties still have a wonderful mouthfeel, though.’
    • ‘This upstairs café offers a conventional menu of sandwiches, toasties, jacket potatoes etc and suitable fare for children.’
    • ‘The day's specials were tomato and basil soup which we saw being served steaming, chicken jalfrezi and pastrami and Swiss toastie with relish and red onion.’
    • ‘The toastie maker was found and resurrected with promises to have toasties all the time cos they're great, which no doubt as with all toastie promises will be short lived.’