Definition of toadstool in English:



  • The spore-bearing fruiting body of a fungus, typically in the form of a rounded cap on a stalk, especially one that is believed to be inedible or poisonous.

    See also mushroom
    • ‘My mother, Mary, could often be seen walking around the outskirts of the forest, picking mushrooms and toadstools.’
    • ‘I didn't turn to gardening, of course, beyond helping Graham remove a nest of snails from the back garden and several small colonies of forest toadstools from the front path and grass.’
    • ‘In the UK we have an estimated 12,000 species of fungi, many of which produce large and attractively coloured fruit bodies we all know as mushrooms and toadstools.’
    • ‘The fungal kingdom is a lot more than mushrooms and toadstools.’
    • ‘‘I fell in love with toadstools,’ she explained.’
    • ‘If the Killarney Town Council delegation pays a visit, they can experience the thrill of sitting on seats that resemble toadstools, surrounded by a little bridge and fountain to create the ultimate Alice in Wonderland experience.’
    • ‘And as for the nation, Australia's economic performance looks healthy when homes grow like toadstools, and bleak when the boom subsides.’
    • ‘All that remain, on the grass, are the three large toadstools - or are they mushrooms?’
    • ‘We collected it, fried it in butter, and relished its delicious taste, while Henrik was convinced that we would soon die in pain, poisoned by ‘these terrible toadstools.’’
    • ‘A bevy of professional ‘risk assessors’ has cropped up on TV and radio like toadstools after a summer rain.’
    • ‘The lamp posts in the park were designed to resemble toadstools, and the light they shed was not strong enough to overcome what was still left of the day.’
    • ‘It had high mountains where dragons slept in dark caves and low valleys where tiny sprites slept under toadstools.’
    • ‘And their centers had turned into brown patches where it seemed even the little toadstools I had stupidly admired had trouble growing.’
    • ‘Are they the sort that's just darker grass, or dead grass, or the sort with actual toadstools / mushrooms?’
    • ‘On our land, I found evidence of that century-old slaughter in the form of huge, rotting, sawed-off stumps hidden like giant toadstools.’
    • ‘The fly agaric or fairy toadstool grows here too, especially under birch along with other woodland fungi.’
    • ‘You expect me to believe that your people find their children growing under toadstools?’
    • ‘For instance, the modern tide of new houses springing up round Mayo like concrete toadstools spells death for miles of hedgerows, dry stone walls and the wild-life that depends on such habitat.’
    • ‘They decided to make a collection of all the plants, animals and insects they could find, and smuggled home innumerable beetles, toadstools, dead birds, hedgehogs, frogs, caterpillars and minnows and sloughed snakeskins.’
    • ‘All around the two girls grew large specimens of fungi: mushrooms nearly as tall as them grew from the ground, and toadstools and bracken protruded from the rocky walls in clumps.’


Late Middle English: a fanciful name.