Definition of to top it all in English:

to top it all


  • As a culminating, typically unpleasant, event or action in a series.

    ‘her father had a fatal heart attack and to top it all her mother disowned her’
    • ‘And, to top it all, the indifference shown by the government is appalling.’
    • ‘And to top it all, you get this terrible sneezing fit that puts you in an even bigger predicament.’
    • ‘It is one of the most colorful hula shows in town and, to top it all, it is free!’
    • ‘And, to top it all, the box says there is a telephone helpline - however, it fails to actually give a number.’
    • ‘And, to top it all, they refuse to pay the fine when caught committing an offence.’
    • ‘And to top it all, a moratorium on debt repayments will only postpone the inevitable into the future.’
    • ‘A weak story, tepid characters, a confusion of plots and, to top it all, some terrible editing make this one of the worst reads of the month.’
    • ‘This year has been a difficult year for my family and me, but to top it all, now I am in quarantine for SARS - I cannot believe it!’
    • ‘Most are very funny, but some are quite scary - and, to top it all, one night he told us he can't even swim.’