Definition of to the purpose in English:

to the purpose


  • Relevant or useful.

    ‘you may have heard something from them which is to the purpose’
    • ‘This title bears no relevance whatsoever to the purpose of this legislation.’
    • ‘An academic boycott is a political act with a political goal, and if it is unsuited to the purpose then it is bad politics.’
    • ‘Each colony has access to modern technology but they are both dedicated to the purpose of reviving their respective ancient culture.’
    • ‘Ironically, we fear a further consequence of the legislation could be a sudden increase in the number of these guns in criminal hands, in direct opposition to the purpose of the Act.’
    • ‘It works directly counter to the purpose of a system predicated on greater democracy and enhanced representation.’
    • ‘At the commencement of the mission, all material relevant to the purpose of the mission should be made available to it, with the assistance of the organization concerned.’
    • ‘Information provided needs to be accurate, current, and relevant to the purpose of the magazine.’
    • ‘Other information was not included, such as growth and development, since it was not relevant to the purpose of the case.’
    • ‘According to this view, advertising is central to the purpose and meaning of a city street.’
    • ‘More emphasis should be placed on describing interventions that are particularly relevant to the purpose of the case report.’
    pertinent, applicable, apposite, material, apropos, to the point, germane, admissible, relevant
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