Definition of to the nth degree in English:

to the nth degree


  • To the utmost.

    ‘the gullibility of the electorate was tested to the nth degree by such promises’
    • ‘However, bands of the calibre of Franz Ferdinand and Scissors Sister emerged from leftfield obscurity to take music back from those who were willing to exploit it to the nth degree.’
    • ‘The multi-million pound consumer research industry is used by manufacturers to design and market products to the nth degree, down to colour, shape, timing and deciding on prices that will not break the consumer.’
    • ‘He said: ‘With the Data Protection Act you have to push it to the nth degree.’’
    • ‘As we explain above, if you have a legitimate claim you owe it, not just to yourself, but to future potential travellers who will experience similar problems, to pursue it to the nth degree.’
    • ‘They not only got away with this, but managed to bombard and abuse our sensibilities to the nth degree, spending millions of dollars via radio, TV and newspapers.’
    • ‘And just as modern sportsmen have their eating requirements monitored to the nth degree, Kent says a good nutritional balance in your soil is crucial.’
    • ‘This is popular entertainment to the nth degree.’
    • ‘I mean the man loved himself and appreciated his own talents to the nth degree.’
    • ‘The group are anti-establishment to the nth degree; they were and are still heavily involved with the UK free party scene.’
    • ‘I want us to take advantage of every opportunity to experience life to the nth degree and be conscious that every word, movement, thought and action makes a difference.’
    very much, much, by a considerable amount, considerably, to a great extent, substantially, appreciably, significantly, markedly, sizeably, seriously, materially, signally, profoundly, to a great degree
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