Definition of to the letter in English:

to the letter


  • With adherence to every detail.

    ‘the method was followed to the letter’
    • ‘It is a case where a strict adherence to the letter would involve an error in substance.’
    • ‘There are guidelines set out for situations like this and we will follow them to the letter.’
    • ‘The council stands by its decision, insisting that the consultation process has been followed to the letter.’
    • ‘Since I never had done something like this before, I followed a recipe to the letter.’
    • ‘She would follow his instructions to the letter but she would not like it at all.’
    • ‘He says his intention is to highlight the absurdities and deceptions in consumer culture by following its rules to the letter.’
    • ‘In short, in implementing this process all steps should be followed to the letter.’
    • ‘The quality was very good and our delivery instructions were followed to the letter.’
    • ‘Controlling officers should also ensure that regulations are followed to the letter.’
    • ‘Remember, the following horoscope is legally binding, and you are obliged to follow it to the letter.’
    strictly, precisely, exactly, accurately, closely, faithfully, religiously, punctiliously, literally, with a literal interpretation, with strict attention to detail, word for word, letter for letter, verbatim, in every detail, by the book
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