Definition of to the full in English:

to the full


  • To the greatest possible extent.

    ‘enjoy your free trip to Europe to the full’
    • ‘Matthew, the youngest of three children, was described by his father as a livewire who lived life to the full.’
    • ‘I have always said that I prefer to experience feelings to the full rather than shy away from them.’
    • ‘I also had to swear to work hard for first class honours, while participating to the full in university life.’
    • ‘Every young person must be allowed to develop his or her skills and creativeness to the full.’
    • ‘She also told the magazine that she intends to experience her visit to the Glastonbury Festival to the full.’
    • ‘The service will of course be available for everyone and it is hoped that it will be used to the full.’
    • ‘The environment is stimulating and every boy has the opportunity to develop his potential to the full.’
    • ‘It puts a lot of pressure on people to be other than they actually are which stops them living and enjoying their lives to the full.’
    • ‘He said also there had to be commitment to use the facility to the full in order to make the venture a success.’
    • ‘He farmed all his life until his retirement a few years ago, and he was a man who enjoyed those years to the full.’
    fully, thoroughly, completely, to the utmost, to capacity, to the limit, to the maximum, for all one's worth, with a vengeance, with all the stops out
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