Definition of to the fore in English:

to the fore


  • In or to a conspicuous or leading position.

    ‘the succession issue came to the fore’
    • ‘Like it or not, these issues of identity will come to the fore in the inevitable euro referendum.’
    • ‘When the players compiled their list this time round, many of the same issues returned to the fore.’
    • ‘Nowhere in the play do readership issues come to the fore more strikingly than in the five choral odes.’
    • ‘It is important that we not only recognise but celebrate our heritage and this is just way of bringing it to the fore.’
    • ‘When work amongst women is taken seriously then many more women will come to the fore and take leading positions.’
    • ‘At no time in history has the issue of human rights come to the fore as in the current era.’
    • ‘Already the Italian has ridden to the fore in major World Cup races in the current campaign.’
    • ‘I dare say over the coming few weeks you will see those issues come out to the fore.’
    • ‘There is a valid reason for bringing such critical questions to the fore at the outset itself.’
    • ‘They are brought to the fore only on rare occasions like when you make a trip back home.’
    predominant, most important, of greatest importance, to the fore, foremost, top, dominant, preponderant, principal, leading, greatest, chief, main, paramount, major
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