Definition of to spare in English:

to spare


  • Left over.

    ‘that turkey will feed ten people with some to spare’
    • ‘So, if you have a three or four hours to spare what are you waiting for!’
    • ‘If you want to follow a story, and you have time to spare, you can read, hear or see it in at least a hundred different versions.’
    • ‘Twitching slightly, I mount the stairs and quietly slip into my spot in the storage facility, with not a moment to spare.’
    • ‘If you try and do it in your spare time, you very quickly realize that you have no spare time to spare for anything else.’
    • ‘"We had about 20 ft to spare at the end of the runway.’
    • ‘Jake arrived without a moment to spare, whisking me out of the driveway with a wink for Mason.’
    • ‘Her album is due out in mid-July and she only has a week to spare amid all the promotions, so she can't do both.’
    • ‘I got there with seconds to spare and had enough time to clean up a little bit before there was a knock at me door.’
    • ‘He wasn't in his performance clothes, which usually meant he had some time to spare.’
    • ‘She got to the stable with fifteen minutes to spare, and made her way over to Eagle's stall.’
    left over, left, over, remaining, unused, unneeded, not required, still available, surplus to requirements
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