Definition of to one's satisfaction in English:

to one's satisfaction


  • So that one is satisfied.

    ‘some amendments were made, not entirely to his satisfaction’
    • ‘It is not incumbent upon staff to explain the reasons behind that suspicion to your satisfaction.’
    • ‘He could not explain it to my satisfaction and it was totally unacceptable.’
    • ‘All the songs charted for the function were rehearsed to her satisfaction.’
    • ‘That's still a critical question that hasn't been answered to my satisfaction yet.’
    • ‘The police have said that he's answered all questions to their satisfaction.’
    • ‘And if things are not to your satisfaction, they try to work with you to find a satisfactory solution.’
    • ‘I hope you have found everything to your satisfaction?’
    • ‘If the manufacturer doesn't handle your complaints to your satisfaction, seek legal help.’
    • ‘One of my friends went for the special, a chicken filet with a mango and tequila sauce, and it was not at all to his satisfaction.’
    • ‘Once the cushions had been plumped up to her satisfaction, she wouldn't allow her children to sit on them.’