Definition of to no purpose in English:

to no purpose


  • With no result or effect; pointlessly.

    ‘there's no point in hanging about to no purpose’
    • ‘Now it has to be pursued with all vigour, usually to no purpose at all.’
    • ‘They had possession of the ball in the lineouts and scrummage but to no purpose.’
    • ‘This speculation contains three conjectures within the space of one sentence to no purpose.’
    • ‘The military were left to fight it out to no purpose whatsoever.’
    • ‘A foot high girder ran around the edge of the building, probably just for insurance purposes, since it served next to no purpose.’
    • ‘But the Chief Justice said that, if that was the case, a habeas corpus hearing could go on for weeks to no purpose.’
    • ‘She lifted her hands to push him away but to no purpose.’
    • ‘Your company is burning money, wasting it to no purpose other than stupidity and selfishness.’
    • ‘A retrial would not benefit him and would result in heavy costs being incurred and court time wasted to no purpose.’
    • ‘They would simply be standing there risking their lives to no purpose.’
    pointless, futile, hopeless, fruitless, useless, needless, wasted, in vain, unavailing, aimless, idle, to no purpose, purposeless, worthless, meaningless, valueless, unproductive, unprofitable
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