Definition of to God in English:

to God


  • Used after a verb to emphasize a strong wish or hope.

    ‘I hope to God you've got something else to put on’
    • ‘I only hope to God that those men that did that very shortly afterwards were shot down and killed.’
    • ‘I hope to God that she doesn't leave me and all that is left are her memories.’
    • ‘He hoped to God that she was right, and that as long as he had faith Mark wouldn't be out of his life forever.’
    • ‘As she did so, Jude felt his heart skip a beat and he hoped to God she wouldn't wake up to see him standing there.’
    • ‘I sat in registration with my head sunk between my arms hoping to God I could buy my way out of today somehow.’
    • ‘Then without looking back he sloshed down the hall again hoping to God that he remembered the way to the shaft.’
    • ‘I spent that last day hoping to God that the landlord would not look up and keep the deposit.’
    • ‘We just hope to God that Pat is found and that his family can have closure, as we have.’
    • ‘A sage once said that an Irish atheist is one who wishes to God he could believe in Him.’
    • ‘This experience knocked the atheism out of John and he cried to God for mercy.’