Definition of to crown it all in English:

to crown it all


  • As the final event in a series of particularly fortunate or unfortunate events.

    ‘it was cold and raining, and, to crown it all, we had to walk home’
    • ‘And to crown it all, new lights were installed on the Bowers Walk last Tuesday, between the bridge on Bridge Street and the footbridge further up the walk.’
    • ‘There was, of course, no honeymoon, and to crown it all a telegram arrived at the end of the week recalling my new husband to his unit because the posting had been cancelled.’
    • ‘And then, to crown it all, the ‘DJ’ decided to do a sound check.’
    • ‘And to crown it all, if the chef's team does not get it right, he tells his head waiter to close the restaurant.’
    • ‘And to crown it all, the singer made a surprise appearance on stage.’
    • ‘And just to crown it all, when I walked in I was hit by a wall of heat coming from my desk.’
    • ‘At the end, to crown it all, there was a meal with the very best of food and drink.’