Definition of to bits in English:

to bits


  • 1Into pieces.

    ‘both cars were smashed to bits’
    • ‘There's nothing different about our clown acts though, same car that falls to bits when we drive in.’
    • ‘So I stumble down to the garage to see the back rear window of my car has been smashed to bits, and the inside of my car totally ransacked.’
    • ‘It always seems that a bunch of men get together on the bumper cars and take great joy in bashing each other to bits for the entire day!’
    • ‘Yin Yan, a lawyer at Beijing Jingyi Lawyer's Office, said knocking the car to bits was definitely the wrong thing to do.’
    • ‘MATZILATION - Smashing a piece of matzo to bits while trying to butter it.’
    • ‘She and her little piece of flotsam were going to be smashed to bits on the rocks!’
    • ‘By now anything that was going to be ripped into little pieces by the bomb had already vanished to bits smaller than even the best eye could see.’
    • ‘Standing in front of him, he longed to slowly carve Jaegar to pieces and burn those pieces to bits.’
    • ‘All serious race cars have the prop shaft balanced, otherwise it shakes the car to bits.’
  • 2informal Very much; to a great degree.

    ‘Vicky was thrilled to bits’
    ‘I just love him to bits’
    • ‘To be honest up until the last 4 years I loved it to bits.’
    • ‘I own perhaps a third of the series (just drawn to a close at the 300th issue) and just love it to bits.’
    • ‘I loved it to bits, although a little let down by the end.’
    • ‘I love it to bits, all of it, especially the wonderfully ingenious and gorgeous to look at early optical devices, and the engravings of such inventions.’
    • ‘Obviously we are thrilled to bits.’
    • ‘He meant everything to me and I loved him to bits.’
    • ‘I have always been a bit of a daddy's girl, I love him to bits.’
    • ‘I love her to bits and quite simply I could not see myself being with anyone else.’
    • ‘He's not a smart dog, he can't do any tricks, he doesn't come when he's called but he's my Harry Pup and I love him to bits.’
    • ‘She's great, I love her to bits, but wow, she's so smart and you can't just dodge questions from her, she doesn't let up.’