Definition of to beat the band in English:

to beat the band


North American
  • In such a way as to surpass all competition.

    ‘they were talking to beat the band’
    • ‘It has car parks to beat the band, a huge tented village area, excellent hotel and accommodation and an airport just down the road.’
    • ‘In this era of leagues and cups to beat the band it is hard to imagine that the rest of the season was made up of friendly fixtures.’
    • ‘There they were confronted and astonished to find themselves in a specially arranged Marquee glittering with banners, ballons and welcome streamers wishing Mary a Happy 40th and a barbeque to beat the band.’
    • ‘You know those photos you see in glossy home magazines that show a gorgeous living room without a thing out of place, anchored in the center with a pot of planted bulbs blooming to beat the band?’
    • ‘We sang away to beat the band and after the miracle of modern technology took hold we didn't sound too bad at all.’
    • ‘The one thing he did know was that he had a headache to beat the band.’
    • ‘Paperbacks are cheaper, but I'm lucky enough to work in a library, where there are hardcovers to beat the band.’
    • ‘Then there was more debate, objections to beat the band and finally alterations to bring us to where we are at.’
    • ‘Well, the charm seems to be continuing, as I have been pumping out lyrics to beat the band.’
    • ‘Women churned butter, baked potato bread and poured Irish coffees to beat the band.’