Definition of to be sure in English:

to be sure


  • 1Used to concede the truth of something that conflicts with another point that one wishes to make.

    ‘the ski runs are very limited, to be sure, but excellent for beginners’
    • ‘That was unfortunate, to be sure, but certainly not intentional on his part.’
    • ‘All of this is disturbing, to be sure, but nothing new to anyone who has ever been involved in this kind of situation.’
    • ‘Such insouciance sets an example, to be sure, but not the sort that allows match officials to sleep easily.’
    • ‘The wealthy do not speak in one voice, to be sure, but they share a broad common perspective.’
    1. 1.1 Used for emphasis.
      ‘what an extraordinary woman she was, to be sure’
      • ‘There is reason for bitter reflection upon the demise of the American empire, to be sure.’
      • ‘Nostalgia, to be sure, is a disease, a disease that not even a double dose of reality can cure.’
      • ‘This is, to be sure, not a virtue on our part, but simply an idea we are used to.’