Definition of to advantage in English:

to advantage


  • In a way which displays or makes good use of the best aspects of something.

    ‘her shoes showed off her legs to advantage’
    ‘plan your space to its best advantage’
    • ‘On request, she also visits her clients' homes to advise them on where to place the exhibit or the kind of wall finish that would show it to advantage.’
    • ‘There is a vivacity and ease in the precious moments with her family and an awareness of the way she uses her feminine wiles to advantage in dealing with cops and criminals alike.’
    • ‘They are playing with energy and enthusiasm and their superior fitness enables them to exploit space to advantage.’
    • ‘Music playing underneath dialogue is occasionally used to advantage when the actors' voices are effectively jamming with the instruments.’
    • ‘He said he would use his limited knowledge of the sector to advantage, hopefully, ‘by bringing an outsider's eye to the business’.’
    • ‘Very attractive blue - green colour with variegated yellow intrusions, it is capable of taking a high polish showing to advantage the variety of grain and colour tones.’
    • ‘They are an excellent choice for rock gardens, where their dainty scale can be displayed to advantage.’
    • ‘This human psychology could be used to advantage.’
    • ‘He was certainly seen to advantage, easing Intelligent into the lead before the penultimate obstacle.’
    • ‘From then on there was only going to be one winner as he used his greater reach to advantage, landing wonderful combinations that left the hapless Kaperonis totally outclassed.’
    • ‘The wind was not used to advantage in the first half, and basics were performed poorly, with the line-out a shining exception.’
    • ‘But before I uttered a word, I realized that these pictures could not be displayed to advantage in daytime.’
    • ‘Chicago is 25 miles long and 10 miles wide, and its flat and spacious setting allows architects to display their genius to advantage.’
    • ‘A display rack shows off plates and teapots to advantage.’
    • ‘Tharoor's deft and incisive mind is displayed to advantage in the piece on Nirad Chaudhari.’
    • ‘Leopold understood all this early in his children's lives, and used the knowledge to advantage.’
    • ‘It includes top-of-the-line display cases that will show to advantage the museum's finest visiting mineral specimens.’
    • ‘I suspect it would be used to advantage in a potato casserole.’
    • ‘I figured I'd put those deficits to advantage - force myself to take risks, hazard extra dangers, go where reporters weren't.’
    • ‘As he realised, no one had ever questioned the high quality of the products, and he saw little sense in selling off machinery when the skills to use them to advantage were still in place.’