Definition of to a nicety in English:

to a nicety


  • Precisely.

    ‘the air raid was timed to a nicety’
    • ‘Dawson and Wilkinson have played so much together as to have the ploy down to a nicety which, at the crunch, as the World Cup final so graphically illustrated, can be just the ticket.’
    • ‘Each is provided with an eight-inch cylinder, which may be made to revolve by a delicate system of clockwork so finely regulated that both instruments work together to a nicety.’
    • ‘He tested out long-time rival Arup Basak's game plan to a nicety and though Basak took the first game of the final at 11-8, it was Raman who had come out stronger.’
    • ‘The nature of the application with which I am concerned means that I do not need to weigh the variety of competing factors to a nicety.’
    • ‘The Kiwi settled in Australia, however, timed his challenge to a nicety and with Naren encountering problems with his car, Warren began to consolidate his lead.’
    • ‘Come the next election and these guys were beginning to suspect that the populace had them sussed to a nicety and, lacking any other credible platform, began to play the nationalist card.’
    • ‘She accepted that the Secretary of State is not able to judge local factors to a nicety.’
    • ‘The ‘portsider’ as lefthanders in bowling parlance are called, hooked his strikes to a nicety with great regularity and even exhibited his uncanny knack of clearing the ‘splits’ with consistency.’
    • ‘Tactically clever and daringly innovative, Hiddink had tuned his wards to a nicety.’
    • ‘Where there has been an attack so that defence is reasonably necessary, it should be recognised that a person defending himself cannot weight to a nicety the exact measure of necessary defensive action.’
    accurately, exactly, carefully, to a nicety
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