Definition of to a man in English:

to a man


  • Without exception.

    ‘to a man, we all took a keen interest in the business’
    • ‘Rocket fanatics to a man, they rose to their feet and cheered.’
    • ‘Our group, to a man, were extremely well behaved.’
    • ‘The orchestra, to a man, played terrifically - the best I have heard it yet.’
    • ‘In a game where it was a pity to see a loser the Comer boys can feel proud of their performance to a man.’
    • ‘I went round a number of pits explaining the situation and they backed us to a man.’
    • ‘The team had played to its full potential by playing outstanding football to a man.’
    • ‘We had, to a man, missed the greatest event in the history of football, ever.’
    • ‘Automatons to a man, they seem to be quite unable to step outside the stock responses.’
    with no exceptions, without exception, bar none, one and all, everyone, each and every one, unanimously, as one
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