Definition of Tiwa in English:


(also Tigua)


  • 1A member of a Pueblo Indian people living mainly in the region of Taos, New Mexico.

    • ‘Having successfully helped close down the Texas casinos, he then took $4m in fees from the Tigua of El Paso, Texas, who wanted to get their casino reopened, it is claimed.’
    • ‘The Tigua's casino in El Paso and an Alabama-Coushatta gaming center in Southeast Texas were closed in 2002 after a challenge from the state's then-attorney general.’
    • ‘The Tiwas use tribal masks for performing rituals.’
    • ‘Many directed their anger from July 25 at the Texas Attorney General, who has sought to close both the Alabama-Coushatta and the Tiguas ' casino in El Paso.’
    • ‘After the casino was shut down, they induced the Tiguas to hire them to wage a campaign to allow the casino's reopening.’
  • 2mass noun The Tanoan language of the Tiwa, with fewer than 5,000 speakers.

    Compare with Tewa
    • ‘He has become active in an effort to teach Tiwa, his native language, to the pueblo's children, and he understands his ranch work as part of a larger effort to help defend the tribe's water rights.’
    • ‘Called the pikuria by their neighbors to the South - meaning ‘those who paint’ - the tribe's cultural heritage, including their language, Tiwa, is largely passed down orally.’


  • Relating to the Tiwa or their language.

    • ‘Even more brazen was the effort to funnel millions of dollars through him for a campaign to shut down the El Paso, Texas casino run by the Tigua tribe.’
    • ‘The historic Taos Pueblo, home of the Tiwa Indians since at least 900 AD, now enjoys a rich mixture of Anglo, Native American and Spanish cultures.’
    • ‘We got the entire Tigua tribal council coming by at one.’
    • ‘The non-territorial Apex Councils established to protect Tiwa, Rabha and Mishing identities follow the earlier creation of new and more generously empowered Autonomous Councils for Karbi Anglong and the North Cachar Hills.’
    • ‘At issue is a $4.2 million fee they were paid by Texas' Tigua tribe.’


The name in Tiwa.