Definition of titratable in English:



  • See titrate

    • ‘The only extra hydrogen bond that is formed involving titratable residues is between OG1 and OE2.’
    • ‘The relationship between titratable acidity and malic acid was less obvious.’
    • ‘The sign and magnitude of the pK a shift of a particular titratable group is determined by the free energy to transfer it into the low-dielectric protein cavity, and by its interactions with polar residues in the protein.’
    • ‘We surmise that protonation of titratable residues of the HA1 domain at low pH enhances the electrostatic repulsion between the monomers of the globular domain and thus lowers the stability of their association.’
    • ‘Thus, it is reasonable to assume that the protonation of the titratable residues on the HA1 surface is mainly influenced by other residues of HA1 and that effects from HA2 domain may be negligible.’