Definition of Titoist in English:



  • Relating to or characteristic of the principles or policies of the former Yugoslav statesman Tito.

    ‘he claimed to have fought against Titoist forces’
    • ‘There is confusion about the old Titoist regime, which called itself socialist but actually ran a state-capitalist system.’
    • ‘His novel was then banned on the grounds that it was "Titoist and Zionist".’
    • ‘In Moscow the quickest way to discredit an opponent was to label him a "Titoist spy".’
    • ‘Western countries have historically propped up Titoist Yugoslavia as a counterweight against the Soviet bloc.’
    • ‘The Yugoslav party, excommunicated by Stalin, developed its own, Titoist version of reform Leninism.’


  • An advocate of the principles and policies of the former Yugoslav statesman Tito.

    ‘a group of Titoists tried to seize power’
    • ‘He reckons that tens of thousands of nostalgic veteran Titoists will travel to the island, stay in his hotel and make him rich.’
    • ‘After the defection of Tito's Yugoslavia in 1948, potential 'Titoists' elsewhere were liquidated as a precaution.’
    • ‘His film is amusing, but with his parody of the veteran Titoists, he has picked an easy target.’
    • ‘A fierce Stalinist, he broke with his erstwhile comrade Tito, ordering the execution of all his opponents and those identified as 'Titoists' in 1948.’