Definition of title page in English:

title page


  • A page at the beginning of a book giving its title and the names of the author and publisher.

    • ‘His name appears on the title page of the first edition and below it the date it actually appeared, 1687.’
    • ‘He is named in the colophon as one of the publishers and Isaac is named on the title page as the printer.’
    • ‘The description on a title page of an author or composer as ‘deceased’ will provide a terminus ante quem, or date before which publication cannot have taken place.’
    • ‘By the sixth and last volume, the list of contributors on the title page swelled to 39 names.’
    • ‘Venus and Adonis is furthermore a key text because it is, of course, the first that was published with Shakespeare's name on the title page.’
    • ‘Around 1514 he distributed a little book, not printed but hand written, to a few of his friends who knew that he was the author even though no author is named on the title page.’
    • ‘The title page of the book has its name printed in upper case, as was the fashion at the time, but it is an achievement worth capital letters.’
    • ‘On the title page, the publisher's own name is misspelled.’
    • ‘The title page wasn't a title page, but just an illustration, vivid and beautifully drawn.’
    • ‘But soon the student contributed new ideas to such an extent and changed the presentation so fundamentally that it would be more justifiable to omit on the title page the name of the original author than his.’
    • ‘Inscrutably, she changes the name on the title page to her own, sends it off to a publisher, and then goes on holiday with her best mate Lanna.’
    • ‘However, the title page did list the names of the book's sellers, William Rogers and Clarke Brown, as well as that of the printer, Samuel Hall.’
    • ‘You've decided not to put your name on this book or on the title page.’
    • ‘He authored many works whose radical ideas had to be published in Holland without his name on the title page.’
    • ‘On its title page, the book prints a number pattern ‘discovered’ much later by Blaise Pascal and since known as Pascal's Triangle.’
    • ‘And now the book is published, and my name's on the title page and everything!’
    • ‘He dedicated his 3rd symphony to Napolean although he later angrily erased his name from the title page upon discovering that Napolean had declared himself an Emperor.’
    • ‘For some reason I turned to the title page of the book.’
    • ‘It is strange that a different publisher used the same title page, but the text is not distinguishable from the 1865 edition.’
    • ‘It's there, on the cover and the title page and the copyright page, but their eyes just glide over it.’


title page