Definition of titlark in English:



  • A pipit, especially the meadow pipit.

    • ‘The wrens mostly went about their business - whatever that might be - in a sharp, practical way, keeping silence; but the frail note of the titlarks sounded here, there, everywhere.’
    • ‘Here the titlarks were in extraordinary force, and I lingered about the spot for half an hour, awaiting the longspurs that might be hoped for in their company.’
    • ‘The Missouri titlark is the American bird which is most like the skylark of Europe.’
    • ‘At the end of a fortnight two little titlarks came out of their shells, and the next day two more.’
    • ‘Near me a titlark every few minutes rose from the sward, and spreading his wings came down aslant, singing with all his might.’