Definition of titchy in English:


adjectivetitchiest, titchier

  • Very small.

    ‘a titchy theatre’
    • ‘Why go for a titchy little upstart with a tiny little brain who can chirp a few notes when you can have a full, two sided conversation with a beautiful, handsome, glossy black raven?’
    • ‘My heart sank when I saw the titchy plane we were hoping would get us to Bremen.’
    • ‘I had an umbrella with me, but it was a titchy one that had been bought for the kids to use.’
    • ‘I told her, ‘I dandled you on my knee when you were just a titchy little caterpillar.’’
    • ‘En route she stopped at Loch Ness, e-mailing me a photograph of herself at the loch side - wearing, I noted, a titchy suede skirt.’
    • ‘Called mobile information device, or more concisely MID profile, the standard promises to bring yet more stuff to the titchy screen of your mobile phone.’
    • ‘Infinity is just so big that by comparison, bigness itself looks really titchy.’
    • ‘Penne-d'Agenais is another must-see medieval village, tumbling steeply down its hillside in a vertical chaos of titchy old streets.’
    • ‘People called him Titch, a contraction of his surname, but, truth be told, he was also titchy, the shortest boy in the whole school.’
    • ‘There's a rather titchy 150-sheet input tray - upgradable to 250 sheets.’
    • ‘I protested that the light was very poor for the titchy little camera but it made no difference.’
    • ‘However I'm not very impressed with the decision not to capitalize any text in future - especially when used with that titchy sized font.’
    • ‘Sales revenues are pretty titchy - for the year to 30 September, the company recorded £2.6 million sales.’
    • ‘Well, your plan depends on us somehow getting to that titchy little storeroom.’
    • ‘Britain's defence industry is too small to survive on contracts from the MoD alone, and is titchy in comparison with that in the United States.’
    • ‘And anyway, they add, we'd hardly notice the difference between the new juggernauts and the eeny-weeney titchy ones they're to replace.’
    • ‘Come on FNW, Blackburn is not a titchy little backwater and deserves something better.’
    • ‘Property is moving pretty well in this area of Lincolnshire just now and we have the advantage of a larger than average house when set against the titchy little bungalows that are the norm here.’
    • ‘This is a car that handles with an enjoyable agility, steers with sporting precision and musters enough urge from its titchy 659 cc engine to keep pace with all but the most spiritedly driven hot hatches.’
    • ‘Medieval towers sprout hither and yon, frontages on the titchy streets have a stately aspect, and from the esplanade by the cathedral, the landscape looks mildly Tuscan.’
    minute, small-scale, scaled-down, mini, baby, toy, pocket, fun-size, petite, dwarfish, knee-high, miniature, minuscule, microscopic, nanoscopic, infinitesimal, micro, diminutive, pocket-sized, reduced, lilliputian
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