Definition of titanous in English:



  • Of titanium with a lower valency, usually three.

    Compare with titanic
    • ‘Preferred multivalent metal ions are titanous and vanadous ions where nickel is recovered in a cell.’
    • ‘From these results it would appear that titanous chloride is most effective with inorganic sulfur.’
    • ‘It was concluded that the neutral or basic action of titanous oxide was a useful substitute for wustite in the slag.’
    • ‘Titanous Chloride Method: Nitrate is determined potentiometrically using an NH3 gas-sensing electrode after nitrate is reduced to NH3 by a titanous chloride reagent.’
    • ‘Further, they have developed methods to bind such catalytic ligands to semi-solid supports which provide an appropriate reaction environment for rapid destruction of perchlorates by titanous species.’


Mid 19th century: from titanium, on the pattern of words such as ferrous.