Definition of titanium white in English:

titanium white


mass noun
  • A white pigment consisting chiefly or wholly of titanium dioxide.

    • ‘For the nine paintings in this exhibition, Howell mixed titanium white, ivory black and raw umber - the raw umber prevents bluing - in carefully calculated ratios to achieve what he calls ‘a movement of gray toward light and dark.’’
    • ‘Alkyd and acrylic primers, pigmented with titanium white, have largely replaced white lead in oil as grounds for oil painting.’
    • ‘The only light leached in from two high windows, or emerged from the titanium white of the oil-paint.’
    • ‘The pigment produced commercially in the greatest quantities by far is titanium white, which we apply to everything from window frames and office interiors to automobiles.’
    • ‘Pigment analysis indicates that titanium white (a pigment not available commercially until 1920) is found in the clouds.’