Definition of titanate in English:



  • A salt in which the anion contains both titanium and oxygen, in particular one of the anion TiO₃²⁻.

    • ‘Consistent with the results of their computer simulation, the titanate was amorphised at relatively low ion doses, while the zirconate remained intact even at high ion irradiation doses.’
    • ‘It uses a simple roller with fine blades to cut a pattern of parallel slits in a 0.1-millimetre-thick sheet of a piezoelectric ceramic material called lead zirconate titanate.’
    • ‘Detector elements made of lead strontium titanate or barium strontium titanate are commonly used.’
    • ‘Multi-component catalytic systems using aryl titanates allow increased versatility in applications such as liquid molding.’
    • ‘In the oxide state it reacts with the alkali, alkaline earth, and heavy base metals to form titanates, a few of which are being studied in conjunction with cheaper methods of production.’


Mid 19th century: from titanium + -ate.