Definition of tissue type in English:

tissue type


  • A class of tissues which are immunologically compatible with one another.

    • ‘And you found that sufficiently common to suggest then presumably that your HLA type, your tissue type, is something that somehow the virus recognises and specifically mutates against?’
    • ‘The freezing time is adjusted according to variables such as skin thickness, vascularity, tissue type, and lesion characteristics.’
    • ‘The couple, from Leeds, have so far had six unsuccessful attempts at in vitro fertilisation, but each time they either failed to produce an embryo of the right tissue type or the pregnancy ended in a miscarriage.’
    • ‘But when adult stem cells are isolated, they immediately start growing into their designated tissue type.’
    • ‘It is quite rare for this to happen because you will be given drugs to prevent it and tissue type is very carefully matched.’
    • ‘The condition, called HLA antigen sensitization, can cause a kidney to be rejected and make patients incompatible with donors who share their tissue type.’
    • ‘Since there aren't enough cadaver pancreases, you might choose to receive a partial pancreas transplant from a living donor who matches your tissue type.’
    • ‘Bone marrow donors must have a tissue type that is compatible with the person who is going to receive their bone marrow.’
    • ‘Definitive proof requires experiments to show that a single stem cell can differentiate into more than one tissue type.’
    • ‘The radiologic images (especially magnetic resonance imaging) of the lesions in some of the cases can predict the tissue type.’
    • ‘Neither his parents, from County Down, Northern Ireland, nor his brother are of the appropriate tissue type to become a stem cell donor.’
    • ‘To ensure that a wide variety of tumor types were sampled, tumors were also excluded if the tissue type had already been sampled on several previous specimens.’
    • ‘At the end of 1999, a couple in the United States underwent in vitro fertilisation and for the first time used PGD to screen their embryos for those whose tissue type matched that of their daughter, who had Fanconi's anaemia.’
    • ‘Descriptors such as granulation tissue, slough, or eschar are generally used to define tissue type.’
    • ‘A transplant will only be successful if your tissue type and the tissue type of the donor are a very close match.’
    • ‘This is so that more checks on your tissue type can be made.’
    • ‘The person near the top of this list will be offered the donated kidney if their tissue type matches the donated kidney's tissues.’
    • ‘It is your genes that determine your tissue type.’
    • ‘Apply a topical prescriptive treatment or dressing that will maintain a moist healing environment based on the exudate amount or tissue type.’
    • ‘They say the only hope for their son, who is now six years old, is to create a child with the same tissue type.’


  • 1with object Determine the tissue type of.

    • ‘Blood samples taken by volunteer nurses from Royal Lancaster Infirmary will be tissue-typed to see if there is a match for Jennifer, or other patients.’
    • ‘Kuliev said the latest cases are the first instances in which embryos were tissue-typed but not screened genetically for diseases.’
    • ‘He said: ‘Every person who joins the register will cost the Anthony Nolan Trust £70 to tissue-type their blood sample.'’
    • ‘It costs the Trust £50 to fully tissue-type each new volunteer.’
    • ‘It costs £50 for the Anthony Nolan Trust to tissue-type each volunteer and put them on the register.’
    • ‘At that time this organisation was the biggest bone marrow donor registry in the world with laboratory facilities that enabled it to offer to tissue-type all the blood samples from our potential donors.’
    • ‘They started tissue-typing donors and compiled a register which grew until today has become the biggest independent bone marrow list in the world with 345,000 potential donors.’
    • ‘It costs £50 to tissue-type each new potential donor, so the Bradshaws are also trying to raise funds.’
    • ‘Six weeks after her brother Adam was born - he was genetically selected and tissue-typed from 15 embryos to match her - his umbilical cord blood was infused into her and she is now reported to be a thriving, healthy little girl.’
    1. 1.1as noun tissue-typing The assessment of the immunological compatibility of tissue from separate sources, particularly prior to organ transplantation.
      • ‘If anything, it is more likely that its decision to limit the use of PGD for tissue-typing was influenced by what it thinks the public thinks.’
      • ‘The blood samples are to be sent to London for tissue-typing and it will be known in two weeks whether any of the volunteers is a match for Shannon.’
      • ‘Its director, Mohammed Taranissi, says 16 more British couples are currently in the process of applying to the HFEA for genetic screening and tissue-typing to help siblings.’
      • ‘If you have in mind a fetus with no interests other than to want to be born healthily, and parents with no interest other than to want a source of stem cells, then allowing PGD for tissue-typing would seem most unethical.’