Definition of tissue paper in English:

tissue paper


mass noun
  • Thin, soft paper, typically used for wrapping or protecting fragile or delicate articles.

    • ‘I unwrapped my new turquoise heels from their delicate tissue paper and admired myself in the mirror.’
    • ‘What I found was tissue paper in the exact same shade of gold as my sandals.’
    • ‘A traditional Bermuda kite comprises a strung wooden frame, onto which are pasted sheets of brightly coloured tissue paper.’
    • ‘When ironing washed lace, always cover with white tissue paper between the iron and the lace to prevent the latter from becoming shiny.’
    • ‘Inside was something that was wrapped in pale blue tissue paper, but on top of the wrapping was a card with her name on it.’
    • ‘One of them was half full of well preserved tissue paper that has been kept for the express purpose of wrapping all of the breakables when we move so that left two and a half boxes.’
    • ‘It was always wrapped in tissue paper, and I loved the way it crinkled as I held it.’
    • ‘The first is to place small crumpled pieces of colored tissue paper on the watercolor paper.’
    • ‘He unwrapped tissue paper from something soft, round and brown and handed it out to Yossarian.’
    • ‘Elaine crossed her arms over her chest as if to cover the fact that the negligee was as thin as tissue paper.’
    • ‘The whole movie looks as if it were shot with a thin sheet of tissue paper over the lens.’
    • ‘Guy pulls out a small box covered in wrapping paper and places the videotape on a bed of tissue paper inside.’
    • ‘We know it was once highly polished because an unused supply was found in the original tissue paper wrappings.’
    • ‘Save cardboard from paper towel rolls, and cover the tubes with red tissue paper.’
    • ‘I guess today marked another piece of childhood, wrapped up in tissue paper and tightly packaged, being moved into the loft.’
    • ‘The plot has all the consistency of tissue paper, and the acting is equally as thin.’
    • ‘Around 15 children aged between five and eight created Easter cards and decoupage Easter eggs using tissue paper.’
    • ‘Put them all in a small box with tissue paper, and tie it with a large bow.’
    • ‘The root material was blotted dry briefly using soft tissue paper.’
    • ‘Asked why she indulged in such blasphemy, she simply replied that in her home there were more banknotes than tissue paper.’
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tissue paper

/ˈtɪʃuː peɪpə/