Definition of tirelessness in English:



  • See tireless

    • ‘He did so with a tirelessness and grace which he regularly shows on the pitch.’
    • ‘A record-breaking sprinter in his youth - his collegiate mark in the 60-yard dash stood for decades - he has revealed, in his first term, the tirelessness, stamina and patience of a long-distance runner.’
    • ‘His tirelessness is apparent from a strike-rate of a wicket every 51.6 balls that bears comparison with many all-time greats.’
    • ‘But he more than compensated for any physical deficits by his willingness to court female readers, and by his tirelessness in discussing his own work.’
    • ‘There is no doubting his tirelessness and his commitment, no doubting his popularity among his own people and no doubting that he is a nice man.’