Definition of tired-looking in English:



  • 1Appearing in need of sleep or rest.

    ‘his face was haggard and tired-looking’
    • ‘We boarded the moving pod along with a group of eight foreign teenagers and a tired-looking mum with a folded-up buggy, her baby and her two older boys.’
    • ‘It was opened by a tired-looking woman in baggy, unattractive clothing with long, stringy hair.’
    • ‘A tired-looking Celtic left the field emotionally crushed.’
    • ‘She had, suddenly, a serious expression on her tired-looking face.’
    • ‘On Campbell Live last week, a tired-looking single mother of two talked about life on the $13.50 minimum wage.’
    • ‘The door opened a moment later, swinging away from me to reveal a very tired-looking Juan.’
    • ‘Michael Deacon watches a tired-looking Prime Minister answer questions from MPs on the Eurozone crisis.’
    • ‘Through his lens, I was just one more tired-looking guy stuck somewhere in the middle of an unimportant race.’
    • ‘A tired-looking face with bloodshot eyes was peering over the side of the railing, looking at her.’
    • ‘The tug-of-war game held in the evening had groups of tired-looking ad guys at both ends.’
    1. 1.1 No longer fresh or in good condition.
      ‘a cluster of miserable and tired-looking roses’
      ‘her designs are just the thing to breathe new life into tired-looking curtains’
      • ‘Bradford's had a rather tired-looking bouncy castle.’
      • ‘They're just the thing to breathe new life into tired-looking pillows, curtains, scarves.’
      • ‘What stays in my mind are the hard cakes, rock-hard butter, tired-looking salads, gooey puddings and tasteless curries.’
      • ‘Many groups have expressed a need for support in creating a website for their organisations, or in revamping an outdated or tired-looking existing site.’
      • ‘Crouching underneath two huge, tired-looking horse chestnut trees, we were overawed by the treasure trove among the fallen leaves.’
      • ‘Or are you an interior designer with advice to offer someone with a tired-looking lounge or bedroom?’
      • ‘If all you have is a selection of tired-looking vegetables, then the answer is soup.’
      • ‘Outside the living room, a tired-looking Mexican fountain and tile patio were replaced with refined gray slate.’
      • ‘The bare patches around the goal posts with sparse, tired-looking yellow grass were soon carpeted green.’
      • ‘Little animatronic angels danced as a small tired-looking animatronic Santa gestured below the tree.’