Definition of tiramisu in English:



mass noun
  • An Italian dessert consisting of layers of sponge cake soaked in coffee and brandy or liqueur with powdered chocolate and mascarpone cheese.

    • ‘The tiramisu was perhaps the smallest I have seen in Sofia, admitting that in some restaurants in this city the quantity of tiramisu on a dessert plate is no substitute for quality, but my companion was unimpressed.’
    • ‘His staff complains that he is cutting corners to save money by putting ordinary cream cheese in the tiramisu (an Italian dessert).’
    • ‘The Italian teaser, for example, features tiramisu with baby cannolis, tart lemon curd gelato, and brandied coffee sauce.’
    • ‘This mouth-watering collection includes such unusual puds as rhubarb tiramisu, loads of different cheesecakes, ice creams and souffles and some great sauces.’
    • ‘Desserts however were hugely represented, from mousses, cakes, tiramisu, and tarts to chocolates.’
    • ‘I also like buffalo mozzarella, ravioli and, for dessert, tiramisu.’
    • ‘But there's also Malibu madness, rum and raisin, tiramisu coffee liqueur and brown bread and whisky made with eight-year-old Scotch.’
    • ‘With a repertoire of everything from sticky toffee pudding to tiramisu, the club, from East Yorkshire, is starting its 2005 charity work with a bang.’
    • ‘I fully expect a movie double feature, ridiculous amount of Chinese food and a more creative dessert than tiramisu or birthday cake.’
    • ‘To cap it all is the most popular dessert called tiramisu.’
    • ‘Two kinds of desserts are on offer - tiramisu and warm chocolate almond tart served with ice cream.’
    • ‘It's packed with all hot desserts, souffles, ice cream, fresh fruit, pistachio cake, tiramisu, cheese cakes and fresh crêpes - for those who don't mind putting on a pound or two.’
    • ‘Beginning with appetizers of calamari and garlic bread and ending with a dessert of creamy tiramisu and vanilla ice cream.’
    • ‘We have a wonderful meal with a delicious dessert like tiramisu.’
    • ‘But if I told you that you had a choice out of the crumble, home made chocolate brownies, a tiramisu dripping with brandy, and a rich crème brûlée, you might find that you didn't want the crumble after all.’
    • ‘For dessert we shared a rather wonderful tiramisu - a traditional Italian trifle.’
    • ‘Other desserts include tiramisu and a bonbon liqueur, which looked as if it came from the Viennetta school of dessert design.’
    • ‘One such confection is the Venetian dessert tiramisu, meaning pick-me-up, which involves first creaming the mascarpone with yolks of egg and a little fresh cream, and then incorporating whipped whites of egg.’
    • ‘All dinners include field green salad, small tiramisu for dessert and coffee or tea.’
    • ‘Caesar salad dressing, the Italian dessert tiramisu, homemade ice cream, chocolate mousse, eggnog, cookie dough, and frostings can contain raw eggs.’


Italian, from the phrase tira mi su ‘pick me up’.