Definition of tipsily in English:



  • See tipsy

    • ‘This is our home now, she said, motioning tipsily at the train tracks and meaning the future.’
    • ‘Thus we were ordered to tipsily navigate the darkened, traffic light-less, wreckage covered streets to our hot, powerless, and, in some cases, devastated homes.’
    • ‘But it was hard to disagree with the opinion of James, from Adelaide, delivered somewhat tipsily but without the benefit of hindsight, that ‘rugby had been the winner’.’
    • ‘During this period, I took to singing tipsily in Manhattan piano bars and much to my surprise strangers started praising my efforts.’
    • ‘As I was tipsily wandering the streets of Melbourne on New Year's Eve, I knew that somewhere nearby one of my favourite actresses was getting married.’