Definition of tipper in English:



  • 1A truck having a rear platform which can be raised at its front end, thus enabling a load to be discharged.

    • ‘A collision between a car and a tipper lorry which left an elderly York woman driver dead proved that ‘speed kills’, a court heard today.’
    • ‘In a raid on one farm burglars made off with a tipper lorry valued at £4,000 and an Ifor Williams trailer worth £1, 000 and hand tools worth £200.’
    • ‘A light green Nissan Almera and a red Ford Sierra, heading towards Topcliffe, were in collision with an HGV tipper truck, heading towards Northallerton.’
    • ‘Take the case of a recent accident in which a tipper lorry rammed a car from behind, pushing it under a bus which was parked at a bus stop.’
    • ‘A tipper lorry carrying a cargo of Malt had spilt its load across the elevated section of the highway a little before 3pm, causing a motorbike to skid across the road and crash into three cars.’
    • ‘Although emergency plans had been prepared to use 7,500 troops to get fuel moving using 3,520 requisitioned tipper trucks, the police were deeply reluctant to see them put into action.’
    • ‘The wheels of the tippers sank when the waste was being removed.’
    • ‘The impact pushed the Renault into a Volvo tipper truck flipping the car into the air.’
    • ‘He said: ‘Vans and tipper trucks are using the site as a dumping ground instead of paying to get rid of their waste.’’
    • ‘On the same night thieves broke into the cab of a tipper lorry parked at Marlborough Building Supplies, also in London Road.’
    • ‘An investigation is under way into how the Ford Iveco tipper truck careered down Duke Street, close to Sheffield city centre, leaving a trail of destruction.’
    • ‘He hired a crew of workers who used JCBs, a tipper truck, lorries and floodlighting to remove track from the disused line.’
    • ‘Given the large volume of rubbish being left, council officers suspect a tipper truck is being used to make the deposits.’
    • ‘He concluded that she had somehow fleetingly lost concentration sending the car into the path of the tipper truck.’
    • ‘He told how he was stopped behind a tipper truck with his handbrake on when he heard brakes screeching.’
    • ‘Police are looking for a white transit-type van and a light-coloured tipper lorry used by the men.’
    • ‘A teenager was seriously injured when the car he was driving was involved in an accident with a 32-tonne tipper lorry.’
    • ‘Residents in Pear Tree Close were horrified when a large tipper truck dumped tons of rubble and waste in their quiet residential street on March 16.’
    • ‘Footage captured by the camera and shown in court clearly showed each tipper lorry unloading the waste material.’
    • ‘A scheme was set up where our Department would employ a person who would be supervised and trained on what to watch out for when the contractors turned up with their tipper lorries loaded with material for dumping.’
    lorry, articulated lorry, heavy goods vehicle, juggernaut
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  • 2usually with adjective A person who leaves a specified size of tip.

    ‘he's a big tipper’
    • ‘He makes $7.05 an hour, plus tips - but he said wealthy travelers aren't very good tippers.’
    • ‘I suspect on average I'd be considered a good tipper.’
    • ‘I mean, you DO have to keep track of who the big tippers are.’
    • ‘Then they would frequent the big tippers of the bar or their gangster boyfriends.’
    • ‘In fact, when he talks about rock stars, big tippers, Sophia Loren, and living the low life on No.4, it makes it easier for the listener to believe he knows whereof he speaks.’
    • ‘To my relief the pair kept waving off the waitress; if they'd been big tippers, Skip would have turned on me in a second.’
    • ‘She also had a good eye for the big tippers, not that there were many of them here among the locals.’
    • ‘This time a couple servers shout back and forth across tables about bad tippers.’
    • ‘Ever since I was a waiter I became this really big tipper.’
    • ‘With a cake like that, these won't be big tippers.’
    • ‘He's a generous tipper and a conscientious citizen who shows up for jury duty when he's summoned.’
    • ‘Of course, Uncle Sam likes ‘big tippers,’ but why should you pay more than you have to?’
    • ‘It was a plum job to work on the Flying Scotsman, partly because the Americans liked it and they were big tippers.’
  • 3A person who dumps waste, especially illegally.

    • ‘Residents in the area believe the illegal tippers made more than one journey to dump the loads on to the bridge which takes Lady Bridge Lane across to Deane golf course.’
    • ‘They were left shocked at the threat to public safety the illegal tippers were causing.’
    • ‘One of the focuses of the campaign has been tippers and the Council has warned that anyone caught dumping waste illegally is liable for a fine and a court appearance.’
    • ‘I also include the litter droppers and the tippers of rubbish in the nearest convenient place for them, the latter being outside of the park at the moment.’
    • ‘They have teamed up with the council to rummage through bags of rubbish and to record car registration numbers which could pin-point offenders, and so far 80 illegal tippers have been identified.’