Definition of tip the scales (or balance) in English:

tip the scales (or balance)


  • (of a circumstance or event) be the deciding factor; make the critical difference.

    ‘her current form tips the scales in her favour’
    • ‘This suggests that other factors may have tipped the balance.’
    • ‘The factor that would tip the balance for me, however, would be wireless Internet.’
    • ‘A large enrolment - of 95 students - for French immersion kindergarten next September was one factor that tipped the balance.’
    • ‘However, three factors eventually tipped the balance in favor of comparatively lenient policies.’
    • ‘According to the squad's mentors, however, there are two factors that tip the balance in favour of the current squad.’
    • ‘Depending on the extent of the difference in rank, however, other factors can tip the balance.’
    • ‘That slim difference tips the balance toward the newcomer.’
    • ‘Another factor that's tipping the scales heavily in the direction of buying new - at least for now - is the attractive tax incentives that are available.’
    • ‘If we can turn the suburbs around and make a real difference, that will tip the balance for us in the future.’
    • ‘This was, probably, the over-riding factor that finally tipped the scales and made him decide to make the trip at last.’