Definition of tinware in English:



mass noun
  • Kitchen utensils or other articles made of tin or tinplate.

    • ‘Walls and floors, desks, tables, chairs, boxes, tinware, window curtains, coverlets, tablecloths, and even clothing accessories were subject to the stenciler's stubby brush.’
    • ‘By the end of the day all participants had one or two pieces of tinware or a basket of their own manufacture as well as a greater understanding of the craft than they had had eight hours earlier.’
    • ‘At its peak, Prattville included a regionally renowned cotton textile factory; tinware, sash and door, and carriage manufacturers; and merchant mills.’
    • ‘The Clarks moved to Boston in 1850, and Jonas Clark began to supply miner's supplies, hardware, tinware, and furniture to the newly opened California market.’
    • ‘Silver cisterns date from the 1660s and soon after examples were also made in tinware lacquered and decorated in the prevailing oriental taste.’
    • ‘From the outset, the society not only collected works of art, but also the objects of everyday life - textiles, furniture, silver, religious objects, ceramics, tinware, straw work, and the like.’
    • ‘For example almost all the tinware is packed, so there'll be no baking until we set up the next kitchen.’
    • ‘Baskets of fruit or flowers, common motifs on stenciled bedcovers, had appeared in many of the decorative arts for a hundred years but were particularly popular on stenciled furniture and tinware in the early nineteenth century.’
    • ‘I wrapped my fingertip & watched an old man hawk cheap tinware from a pushcart across the street.’
    • ‘For once I was able to drive the car right up to the dumping point so I got a fit of conscience and pulled all the tinware out of the sack and walked it over to the metal pile.’