Definition of tinkerbird in English:



  • A small African barbet with a monotonous metallic call like a hammer striking an anvil, repeated for long periods.

    Genus Pogonulus, family Capitonidae: several species. Alternative name: tinker barbet

    • ‘There are 43 species of barbets and tinkerbirds that span the African continent from south of the Sahara.’
    • ‘Kruwa has fruit trees that in season draw many greenbuls, barbets, tinkerbirds, hornbills, and other birds.’
    • ‘Fruit-eating birds include orioles, hornbills, and tinkerbirds, which fill the forest air with their metallic calls.’
    • ‘Also located in this exhibit is an African aviary, home to exotic birds, such as the yellow-rumped tinkerbirds and amethyst starlings.’
    • ‘We stayed in a comfortable log cabin under the forest canopy and saw new birds from our stoep - golden rumped tinker barbets, white eared barbets, purple crested louries, yellowbreasted apalis and golden rumped woodpeckers.’