Definition of tingly in English:


adjectivetinglier, tingliest

  • Causing or experiencing a slight prickling or stinging sensation.

    ‘a tingly sense of excitement’
    • ‘We all expected someone equally stellar, and a lot of names were bandied about in tingly expectation.’
    • ‘But on a sadder note, I think my lips have developed antibodies to the tingly sensation.’
    • ‘You know when you've been clapping for a long time and your hands start to get a tingly sensation?’
    • ‘Her lungs felt constricted and there was a slight tingly burning behind her eyes.’
    • ‘I felt a tingly sensation all through out my body as I ran to the hangar, as if something that really wasn't supposed to happen did.’
    • ‘Little tingly feelings crept back into me, but the hurt of last night tempered my reaction.’
    • ‘Every now and then I'll move my arm and I'll get this tingly sensation running all the way down it.’
    • ‘Her mind screamed out as she felt her body succumbing to the tingly sensation of the drugs.’
    • ‘Clearly this is television aimed at rich people, so they can have a vicariously tingly peek into the seedy underworld of carjacking.’
    • ‘‘I have headaches, a tingly feeling all over the body and my stomach is in a mess every day,’ he said.’
    • ‘Parts of me are groggy, others sore and a few tingly.’
    • ‘A tingly sensation spread throughout my body and I suddenly felt magically happy.’
    • ‘And, now that I've talked about it so much, I'm kind of getting that tingly feeling that I want to read it after all.’
    • ‘A tingly feeling was creeping down my spine as he slowly rubbed his thumb in circles against the pulse in my wrist.’
    • ‘He began to kiss down my neck and tingly sensations overcame my body.’
    • ‘Her whole body had a tingly sensation that she loved, and she wanted to savor it as long as she could.’
    • ‘The minute I put this stuff on my face felt all cool and tingly.’
    • ‘I sat through the programme last night with that that tingly feeling you get from a truly exceptional piece of music and just thinking about it has brought that feeling back.’
    • ‘I felt the tingly, hot gush of adrenaline when I looked into the rear-view mirror.’
    • ‘What annoyed her most was not the pain but the tingly itchy sensation after the pain when her hair was pulled on.’
    tingling, prickling, stinging, smarting, itching, itchy, creeping, crawling
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