Definition of tinder fungus in English:

tinder fungus


  • A bracket fungus with a hard upper surface, growing chiefly on birch and beech.

    Fomes fomentarius, family Polyporaceae, class Hymenomycetes

    Also called hoof fungus
    • ‘Both processes require tinder - some material like degraded wood or tinder fungus - to catch the spark and ignite.’
    • ‘Alternately, you could use a piece of tinder fungus and the flint piece.’
    • ‘Several tinders can be used: dry moss tinder, shredded bark of juniper, the interior material of the true tinder fungus or the false tinder fungus.’
    • ‘If you happen to come across a big batch of tinder fungus you can use it as all-weather fuel.’
    • ‘The fungus's other names include tinder fungus, for which it used to be used, and horse's hoof fungus.’