Definition of tinamou in English:



  • A ground-dwelling tropical American bird that looks somewhat like a grouse but is related to the ratites.

    Family Tinamidae: several genera and many species

    • ‘Thus, within the palaeognaths, tinamous are in South America, kiwis and moas extend across West Antarctica to New Zealand, and emus and cassowaries span East Antarctica to Australia.’
    • ‘In the early 1900's tinamous were raised as game birds in Europe and Canada.’
    • ‘However chickens are closely related to tinamous and the ratites by post-cranial anatomy, particularly the structure of the clavicle.’
    • ‘For example, ratites and tinamous have sole male incubation, but communal laying apparently occurs in only a few of these species.’
    • ‘Cracids have also been noted to consume eggs of pigeons, hummingbirds and tinamous.’


Late 18th century: via French from Galibi tinamu.