Definition of tin whistle in English:

tin whistle


  • A small flute-like instrument made from a thin metal tube, with six finger holes of varying size on top and no thumb holes.

    • ‘Tuition is provided on instruments which include tin whistle, fiddle and flute.’
    • ‘Sean had learned some tunes at school and he provided the music on the tin whistle.’
    • ‘Anyone between the ages of 7 and 70 are welcome to come along and learn to play the tin whistle, button or piano accordion at 7pm each Friday evening.’
    • ‘Weekly music classes are resuming for the following instruments: fiddle, tin whistle, flute, keyboard and button accordion.’
    • ‘Larry played the two row accordion, the tin whistle, the silver flute, and the clarinet.’
    • ‘He was also talented musically, singing and playing the tin whistle being some of his favourite pastimes.’
    • ‘Children are swapping the bodhrán for the bassoon and the tin whistle for the tuba as educators seek to bring classical music to the islands.’
    • ‘The talented multi instrumentalist can play anything from a piano to a didgeridoo to a tin whistle.’
    • ‘Tom started on the tin whistle and then the flute.’
    • ‘If they could play a tin whistle or mouth organ or turn out some kind of tune, chances are they would get a penny or two at the door of homes when they set out on their theme to buy the wren who, legend had it, died on St Stephen's Day.’
    • ‘Bring your tin whistle or any other small musical instrument you may have.’
    • ‘He is a man who seems determined to make a trumpet sound like a tin whistle.’
    • ‘The instruments covered will be tin whistle, flute and the fiddle.’
    • ‘From beginner to advance lessons, classes are available in all traditional musical instruments including fiddle, tin whistle, bodhrán, accordion and banjo.’
    • ‘She was a gifted musician and her speciality was the tin whistle.’
    • ‘Classes in all instruments from the tin whistle to the harp are held each morning from 10 am - 1pm by qualified teachers.’
    • ‘He was also noted for rendering a few tunes on the tin whistle.’
    • ‘There is a great emphasis on music here; every child learns the tin whistle at an early age and then graduates to other instruments.’
    • ‘Kevin played a tune on the tin whistle for me before I left for fourth class.’
    • ‘The tin whistle or mouth-organ serves as an instrument for a tune, or some young ones sing a song to get the householders in the mood to drop a coin in their boxes, as they spread the good cheer of the Christmas season.’


tin whistle