Definition of tin scratcher in English:

tin scratcher


  • A person who mines surface deposits of tin.

    ‘local residents told of a tin scratcher who had made a living on the mountain’
    • ‘The tin scratcher's face looked peculiarly wooden.’
    • ‘A tin-scratcher reached for the billy-can. "You boys must be hungry," he remarked agreeably.’
    • ‘I had been this way on the mail boat in 1970 and remembered dropping off supplies at a tin scratcher's camp called Roonga.’
    • ‘A 61 year old part-time tin scratcher and horse-breaker was asked to teach a few miscreant youths how to ride one weekend.’
    • ‘A drover come past on his way to Flora Valley to pick up a mob so I hitched a ride with him and left those alky tin-scratchers to it.’