Definition of tin opener in English:

tin opener


  • A tool for opening tins of food.

    • ‘The foreknowledge of guilt, mortification and a head that feels as though it has been opened with a tin-opener ought to inhibit any species capable of walking upright.’
    • ‘Namely, I've come to the (admittedly temporary) conclusion that the internet is the second most inane, dull and downright boring thing on the planet - only beaten into first place by the idea of having to buy a new tin-opener.’
    • ‘My Lords, does the Minister agree that sardine tins and anchovy tins are also very difficult to open with their tin-openers?’
    • ‘The USB Swiss Army Knife is available with 64 or 128MB memory, plus all the usual extras knife, corkscrew and tin-opener.’
    • ‘If fire forces me to leave my place of refuge, must I leave immediately or can I go back in to rescue my tin-opener?’
    • ‘On the one hand, compilations serve two useful purposes - one, as a tin-opener, alerting one to stuff that one might not necessarily otherwise have noticed.’
    • ‘She opened a cupboard and lifted down some soup, emptying the contents into a small saucepan once she had tackled the lid with a tin-opener.’
    • ‘And the absence of fruit pickers would bring a run on tin-openers and unseemly scrambles for fresh produce.’
    • ‘In my hands a simple tin-opener can be a lethal weapon.’
    • ‘The alternative is farmed - which is why at this time of year I reach for the tin-opener.’