Definition of tin god in English:

tin god


  • 1A person, especially a minor official, who is pompous and self-important.

    ‘all government officials become little tin gods’
    • ‘But you sense that he will run the show his way and give Wales some much-needed direction, whether one or two little tin gods like it or not.’
    • ‘Wee-eell, said the little tin gods who run the benefits department, that depends on your son.’
    • ‘The time is also long overdue to re-examine lifetime appointments of judges, which allows them to act like little tin gods, at the expense of our freedom and the country's elected government.’
    • ‘Is it that the power felt by such a person when standing before people who treat him as a tin god results in a loss of sanity?’
    • ‘The opposition Liberals accused him of acting like a ‘tin god,’ and the New Democrats called for the abolishment of censorship entirely.’
    1. 1.1 An object of unjustified veneration or respect.
      • ‘These are always good questions, but they may be especially powerful when the tin god of Net Worth is looking particularly hollow.’
      • ‘The final nail in its coffin was the company's absurd decision to kowtow to the tin god of its licensing agreements.’